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Magento 2 Store Locator Introduction


Magento 2 Store Locator/Store Finder/Dealer Locator extension makes your store address visible on Google Map. Using Store Finder extension, your Magento 2 store is closer than ever to reach out.
Let image that you are owning a series of fast food store but they scatter at different positions as well as it is difficult to know how to get there. Magento 2 Store Locator module is the right e-commerce solution that applies Google Map application. Dealer Locator will show the clear direction and offer the nearest store from the visitor’s place.
Moreover, this Magento 2 module, coming with the friendly interface, supports a plenty of search criteria for the advanced search. After access to your website, customers can easily search the perfect store to shop by area, distance/ radius or filter them by tags. Especially, in addition to the basic info as Store Name, Address, Website and Phone Number, the visitors can follow the opening & closing hours for the better plan.


Google Map Integration

One of the outstanding features Magento 2 Store Locator brings is integrating Google Map Application into the module. Hence, it is more convenient to find the needed quickly.

Auto-suggest address

To use Store Finder module, customer needs to enter the address into the field. However, instead of typing manually, Google Suggest Address will auto-identify logically the address basing on the first characters. The suggestion address is listed in the dropdown list.
Besides, a special functionality is coming by Mageplaza Store Locator, that is Automatic Locator button. Only need to tap the button, the current position will be filled out without any typing.

Show Store Icon

Right after submitting the address, all stores that match with the request will be displayed with an icon on Google Map. Click on the store icon, the box will show Store Name, Address, Working Time, Phone Number and Website.

Get Detailed Direction

Store Locator Magento 2 not only shows the nearest store but also offer the customer the direction of the shortest way from the current place.

360-degree image

Besides the direction on Google Map, to give the realistic direction, the extension especially brings the 360-degree image of the street view.

Advanced search by many criteria

Installing Magento 2 Store Finder, your clients can use many criteria to detect the great store. They include area, radius or some tags (cafe, book, shopping, so on) depending on store admin’s configuration. For searching by radius, that is the slider bar and the user just slide the bar to determine the needed distance.

Ajax technology

Saying goodbye for reloading the whole page and navigating to another page as the normal search, Ajax from Store Locator module allows displaying the search results instantly on that page, that makes your website more professional.

Attach more store information

The results of the store from Magento 2 Store Locator come with more detailed information includes Store Name, Address, Website, Phone Number, Opening & Closing Hours and Store Image. All of them both give the visitor a better overview before getting the store.

Flat and responsive design

Store Locator can fit with every screen size of multiple devices: PC, Tablet, and Mobile. Hence, your store becomes closer and closer to the audience because they can search the suitable store wherever they stand.

Feature List

For User

-      Find the nearest store in the shortest way
●    Search by area (the current position)
●    Search by criteria 
●    Filter by tags
●    Get the clear direction to the needed store
●    Get the realistic guide via 360-degree image
●    Auto-fulfill the address field
-      Get more store information
●    Store Name
●    Store Address
●    Contact Information: Phone Number, Website, Email
●    Daily Working Hours, Day off
●    Store Image

For Store Admin

-      Offer store information from the backend
-      Set working hours of each store
-      Set the default criteria
-      Set the default radius for searching
-      Complete Meta Information for SEO
-      Customizable store information (edit/ delete/ remove)
-      Import Store Data from CSV file
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